Bold and Glamorous: How to Style Around a Black Coffee Table

Hard to miss the unique coffee table in this fashionable living room

Every room needs a hint of black to truly elevate its style, anchor it and at times give it that cutting edge that other colors simply cannot deliver. Considering the amount of white and light grays that designers use in contemporary living rooms, black almost seems like an absolute must. And if you are wondering how you can add black to your own living room…

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Light Wells and Garden Features Transform Urbane Aussie Home

Textured walls and modern decor shape the interiors of the elegant Aussie home

Achieving that elusive balance between privacy and a sense of spaciousness and freedom is a tough task indeed when designing a home in an urban setting. Often, one residence starts where the other ends and privacy means closing off the home to natural light and ventilation as well. But the 2016 Beach Avenue in Elwood, Victoria designed by Schulberg Demkiw Architects finds that lovely balance…

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Natural Style: 10 Lovely Birch Bark Finds

Modern birch bark lounge chair by Anastasiya Koshcheeva

Birch bark is making a comeback, thanks to the work of artists and designers such as Anastasiya Koshcheeva. Not only can this material evoke a sense of rustic style, it has the power to add modern flair to clean-lined homes, especially when innovative design is involved. Birch bark is beautiful and durable, not to mention, naturally water-repellent and antibacterial! Today we take a look at…

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Bunny Run: Privacy and Picturesque Views Rolled Into One

Brilliant design of the captivating rear yard of contemporary home in Austin

Just the right amount of modern – that is how one would define this smart contemporary residence in Austin, Texas, nestled on a lot neatly tucked between the Colorado River and Highway 360. Dubbed as the Bunny Run Residence, the house acts as a wonderful interface between the lovely landscape outside and the cozy comfort of the interior, as it highlights the indoor-outdoor interplay. Large…

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Bottled Brilliance: Sparkling Pendants Unleash Color and Charisma

Fabulous Waterdrop pendant by Andi Kovel and Justin Parker

The colorful, eclectic and extraordinary world of pendant lights offers an unending bounty of glittering delights. While some seem trendy and cool, others combine exclusive design values and distinctive style to offer the ultimate masterpieces. Today we showcase a trio of glassy modern pendants that could very well become iconic in the years to come for their sheer simplicity and amazing craftsmanship that combines the…

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An Introduction to Cork: 15 Exquisite, Organic Inspirations!

Stool and coffee table from BlackCork

Cork is a versatile, 100% organic, reusable and recyclable raw material. An entirely natural plant tissue, cork is the bark of the cork oak and is removed without damaging the tree or impairing its development. Over half of the volume of cork is made up of air, thus rendering it an exceptionally light material. Moreover, cork is completely waterproof and flexible, an excellent sound and heat insulator, and a…

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7 New Year’s Eve Party Favor Ideas

Homemade swag bags for New Year's Eve

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is already coming to an end. December 31st is definitely one of the biggest nights of the year for parties around the world, and if you’re hosting one, you’re going to want to be prepared. Besides all the food, alcohol, and decorations, one extra little thing you can do to make your guests feel welcomed is by offer them…

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30 Inventive Kitchens with Stone Walls

Black kitchen range and hood make for a dramatic focal point

It is simply amazing how design and fashion are so cyclical, and how what is shunned as outdated quickly finds its way back to the top of the trends list. It is something we can attribute to basic human nature that detests monotony and craves constant change. Stone walls fit into this category perfectly. Not too long ago, it was polished surfaces and ultra-modern finishes…

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Cozy Winter Style: Keeping That Warm Glow Beyond the Holidays

DIY mylar pom-pom garland from A Beautiful Mess

As the holidays come and go and you start dreading the day you have to take down your decorations, don’t fret! There’s no rule that says you have to pack up your winter decor on New Year’s Day. In fact, with the weather turning colder in January, that’s the time you really need to keep that warm, festive glow indoors. Today we take a look at…

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Beds on Casters: 15 Designs That Wheel in Style and Comfort

Hard to miss the wheels on this custom bed!

Spicing up things in the bedroom – that has a completely different connotation for a design lover! It is all about staying in touch with the latest decorating trends while thinking out-of-the-box and throwing in a curve ball once in a while. This is often done using a switch in the color scheme, style and accessories. But today, we suggest a change in the central…

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