Exclusive Design Offers Customized Solutions for Revamped Juno’s House

Open lower level living area of the revamped family home in Barcelona

Adversity often presents opportunities to those willing to break conventions and go beyond the mundane. This fabulous row house renovation in Barcelona is a perfect example of how with a dash of creativity and the right approach even the hardest home makeover can be accomplished with ease. Designed by Nook Architects, Juno’s House has been crafted to meet the specific needs of a young couple…

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Bathroom Color Schemes to Explore This Spring

Crisp white bathroom with mint walls

Spring is the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start, and there’s no room that benefits from a clean, refreshing look quite like the powder room! Today we explore four different bathroom color schemes that have the power to transform your space. Can you say “spring makeover”?! We start with two of today’s trendiest colors, then veer into clean slate territory with white, wrapping up…

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Chile’s Superior Modern Architecture

Till House

Chile has endured its share of political strife and struggle, with famous figures and revolutionaries including such names as Salvador Allende and Victor Jara. Today, Chile is a prosperous nation, famed for a higher standard of living than most South American countries, for its hospitality, climate, geographic diversity and fine wine growing regions. It is also the world’s longest country, stretching 4270 kilometres north to south and the…

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Expansive Holiday Home Unites Stone, Concrete and Timber in Style

Relaxing Sao Paulo weekend and holiday with a spacious pool zone

Nature is an integral part of life in Brazil, and it is no different in the case of home design as well, with most homes in the country being surrounded by a lush green landscape that epitomizes the tropical goodness of the region. The luxurious FT Residence in Sao Paulo is no different, as it embraces the outdoors gleefully, even as the design of the…

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Modern Acrylic Decor Finds

Acrylic storage shelves from CB2

When it comes to acrylic decor, one thing is crystal clear: furniture and accessories made from this synthetic polymer are undeniably chic! Also known as Lucite, Perspex and Plexiglas, acrylic is even clearer than glass. Plus, it’s more durable than plastic. Acrylic pieces can make a room feel larger, as their transparent nature gives them a “there but not there” appearance that’s helpful for compact spaces….

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Twin Rooftop Volumes Rejuvenate 1930s Duplex in Montreal’s Little Italy

Small rear deck connected with the modern kitchen and living area of the Montreal home

Extending a home with limited space is a tricky affair, and even though most home additions expand into the backyard, this duplex in Montreal’s Little Italy takes a different approach by ‘thinking vertical’. Instead of encroaching on an already limited backyard, Thomas Balaban Architecte decided to give the modest home two rooftop volumes, turning it into an elegant and spacious contemporary residence. Home to a…

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Top Bedroom Trends Making Waves in 2016

Urbane bedroom with reclaimed wood accent wall and organic bedding in gray [Design: Groundswell Design Group]

If there is one room in your home that should truly reflect your taste, personal style and surround you in a world of uncompromising comfort, then it is the bedroom. This is your personal sanctuary that allows you to rest, rejuvenate and introspect, and often it is the room in which many of us spend most of our time at home! And with each passing…

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Framed to Perfection: 15 Bathrooms with Majestic Mountain Views

Amazing bathroom of private luxury ski resort by Len Cotsovolos

It was just a few days ago that we took at the top bathroom design and decorating trends for 2016 and if there was one recurring theme throughout that story, it was the inclination among homeowners to shun modernity and embrace serene, nature-inspired elements. Part of it includes stunning bathrooms that open up towards the landscape that surrounds them and turn the view outside into…

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From Showhouse to Showstopper: Inspired Model House in Kansas City

A functional family home that combines local design values with contemporary, creative solutions and an ergonomic dwelling that showcases the innovative genius of those who crafted it – Showhouse in Kansas City, Missouri surprises you at every turn with its sheer ingenuity. Designed by Matthew Hufft to meet the needs of his young family, this beautiful residence also is a testimony to what Hufft Projects…

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Y House: Trendy Mediterranean Retreat with Modern Sophistication

Greenery becomes an integral part of the gorgeous Mediterranean modern home

Nestled on the Northern edge of the picturesque Bodrum peninsula, Golkoy is a place where the Mediterranean showcases its unabated beauty and exquisite charm in all its splendor! A fabulous family home in this scenic landscape is often expected to be a dreamy getaway that epitomizes the very best in terms of local architecture and style. But the Y House took a completely different approach,…

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10 Rooms with Corner Shelving

Two sets of shelves meet to create corner shelving

If you’re hoping to maximize space by utilizing corner shelving at home, let today’s post be your inspiration! Below we feature 10 rooms that make use of corner shelving solutions for storage, display and more. Some of them might surprise you with their affordability, while others will grab your attention with their innovation! Ready for a closer look? Corner Bookcases Let’s start with corner shelving…

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A Tale of Two Views: Fabulous Fifth Avenue Residence in Bardon

Lap pool in the rear unit of the Fifth Avenue private residence

Few inner city suburbs offer as much contrast in terms of the views on offer as Bardon in Brisbane, Australia, and designed to perfectly take advantage of this diversity is the Fifth Avenue home by O’Neill Architecture. This stylish Aussie home is spread across two different structures that are linked by a common hallway, and this allowed the architects to conquer the unique challenges that…

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Canal House Dating From the 1700s Transformed into an Open Modern Loft

Industrial modern kitchen with exposed wooden beams and gray cabinets

Amsterdam holds within its confines amazing architecture that has evolved across centuries and combines a variety of styles and eras ever so seamlessly. The beautiful canal houses in the city epitomize its rich past and tradition, and it is in one such canal home that the Bloemgracht loft sits. Originally built in 1752, the loft served as a sugar refinery before it was transformed into…

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Fiery and Fascinating: 25 Kids’ Bedrooms Wrapped in Shades of Red

Red works well with almost any color in the kids room when used right

The best thing about decorating a kids’ room is the freedom it gives in terms of the colors, patterns and at times styles that one can turn to. Those bright and audacious hues that are perceived to be far too ‘daring’ for the rest of the home often fit right in with a vivacious, cheerful and stylish kids’ bedroom. With the modern trend of creating…

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The New Beachy: Modern Tropical Decor on the Rise

Breezy decor from Urban Outfitters

There’s a new version of tropical style on the rise, and it involves clean lines, fresh palettes, and lots of greenery. The look is tranquil and chic. Rather than overloading beachy spaces with seashell collections and rattan furniture, the new feel is all about less-is-more decor. It’s simple, breezy, and naturally relaxing. Here are some of our favorite beachy finds from this season, coupled with…

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