Lavish House Sar Dazzles with Elegant Indoor-Outdoor Interplay

Swimming pool and the outdoor garden of House Sar

Opening up a home with limited views and ventilation to the world outside and giving it an entirely new, cheerful ambiance is a task that requires both skill and imagination. Located in the lovely suburb of Athol, Johannesburg, House Sar designed by Werner van der Meulen brings together an air of contemporary luxury and exclusivity. The house has many of the trademark features that one…

25 Bathrooms That Beat the Winter Blues with a Splash of Color!

Pendant lights elevate the appeal of the rustic bathroom in orange

Are the freezing temperatures outside starting to take a toll on your mood? Maybe the long, frigid winter is finally starting to get to you, and with the festive season behind us, it only gets harder in the weeks ahead. While many of us give our bedrooms or living rooms a fun revamp ahead of winter to survive the seasonal blues, we tend to forget…

10 Unique Kids’ Room Design Ideas

Abstract patterns in a modern children's bedroom and playroom

There are many children’s room trends that have grabbed our attention over the last few years, from wall decals and Hollywood Regency-style bedding to dot banners and flag bunting. But what if you’re looking to make a unique statement using fresh design ideas? Today’s post is dedicated to the art of kids’ room design, and the ideas below are as child-friendly as they are stylish….

Period Cottage in Geelong Gets a Classy Contemporary Addition

Backyard of the contemporary Geelong home with a refreshing pool and lovely garden

Renovating existing heritage structures to suit the specific needs of a growing urban family can indeed be difficult at the best of times. The Hope Street Residence provided the creative minds from Steve Domoney Architecture with a similar challenge, as they needed to come up with a classy, contemporary addition for a weatherboard period cottage in Geelong West, Victoria. As is the case with most…

How to Create a Sensational Dining Room with Red Panache

Use red in restrained manner to make a big impact

Red is not always the first color we turn to in the living room or the bedroom, as many of us perceive it to be a touch too overwhelming. Decorating with red in an elegant, balanced fashion takes both skill and restraint. But when it comes to dining spaces, red is a perennial favorite in both homes and restaurants alike. A touch of red in…

Chic Helsinki Apartment Displays Scandinavian Design at Its Serene Best

Classic Paltner coffee table steals the show in the Scandinavian living room

One of the things that has made Scandinavian design and decor such a hit among modern homeowners is the innate simplicity it brings to an otherwise increasingly complex world. The cool Helsinki apartment of Finnish designer Joanna Laajisto is a perfect case in point, as it reminds us of a beautiful refuge that drowns away the noise of urban life. Built way back in 1928,…

A Chocolate Dessert Feast for Valentine’s Day

Chocolate Valentine's Day desserts

As February approaches, life starts to get a bit more decadent. I’m talking about chocolate season, folks! Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away, and it’s time to start planning some delicious culinary experiences. Today’s featured feast revolves around chocolate, and it’s easier to put together than it looks. Inspired by Lasse Halstrom’s 2000 film Chocolat, this chocolate dessert buffet for design lovers draws on rich tones, rich…

8 Stunning Modular Homes That Put the “Eco” in Interior Decor

White Rock II Modular Home

What’s better than a modern home? Why, a modular modern home, of course! Prefabricated dwellings not only cut construction time in half (or even down to a matter of days), they’re also typically more eco-friendly because they produce less waste. They often ring in at a lower pricepoint as well. Despite their reputation for being somewhat box-like, today’s modular houses are surprisingly customizable with bells…

25 Captivating Ideas for Kitchens with Skylights

Classy modern kitchen has a cheerful vibe [Design: Hobsons Choice]

All of us have a tendency to fixate too much on ‘walls’ when it comes to interior design. This means endless hours of contemplating the color palette, decorations and other artwork that will shape your home. Yet we often neglect another important aspect of our interior that has as much ability to alter the appeal of a space as walls. Ceilings do not generally receive…

FLOAT: Exquisite Handcrafted Kitchen Collection in Wood, Copper and Marble!

Exquisite FLOAT Kitchen Collection from Miras

It is not very often that we come across modern kitchens that combine the practicality and ergonomics of contemporary spaces with a touch of classicism. But the fabulous FLOAT kitchen collection from Miras takes this to a whole new level by bringing home some amazing textures that are becoming a rarity in sleek, modern homes. Clad in wood, marble and copper, the stunning range consists of…

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