Courtyard Residence: Raw Industrial Elements Tamed by Modern Ergonomics

Pool deck and yard become the defining features of the courtyard home

If there is one unmistakable trend in the world of home design, it is structures that are enriched by the landscape that surrounds them, even as they brush aside the conventional line between the interior and the world outside. Following this popular approach and combining it with bold, industrial elements like steel and corrugated siding is the Mill Valley Courtyard Residence. Nestled in a quiet…

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Scandinavian Sunrooms: An Infusion of Style and Serenity

Beautiful Scandinavian sunroom with glass roof and Seppo Koho pendant lighting [From: Arkitektur-Fotograferne / Martin Tørsleff]

For many of us, winter’s chill is just about starting to wane away, and we are beginning to experience the pleasure of warmer days. Of course, that is not the same for everyone out there with some of our readers still stuck with freezing temperatures. No matter what the weather outside is, there is still one great way to enjoy the sights and sounds of…

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A Green Retreat: Lush Garden Landscape Engulfs Expansive Sydney Home

Distint design of Woollahra Residence in Sydney defined by the unique lot

We absolutely adore modern, urban homes that bring along with them a slice of green goodness to otherwise sterile and lifeless city scenery. Nestled in one of the more tranquil neighborhoods of Sydney, Australia, the Woollahra Residence feels like a reclusive and serene escape draped in a beautiful garden landscape. It is a contemporary home that is defined largely by the irregular lot that it…

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An Easter Decor Preview

Pastel Easter decor from Crate & Barrel

With Easter just a little over a month away, some amazing seasonal decor has hit stores in anticipation of this very special holiday! Today we take a look at a few of the most interesting, eye-catching items so you can start bookmarking decor you’d like to incorporate into your home. Be on the lookout for fun accents that reflect this season’s top trends, as well…

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Dispensing With the Hotel Chain: 6 Unique and Exquisite Hotel Conversions

Merchant Hotel front facade

Conformity. Conventionality. Conservatism. Words that describe the glut of hotels in a world where hospitality has been appropriated by the big hotel chain. Here, architecture and interior design are typically universal and dull, impervious to the tenets of good design. In a maddeningly repetitious fashion, design is often impacted negatively by uncreative money-grubbing developers and business school alumni. Move Away From The Mundane Branded hotel chains…

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Dreamy 18th-Century English Cottage Acquires an Inspired Glass Box Kitchen

Glass kitchen extension leaves the original cottage extension untouched

Some home renovations demand modern design solutions that replicate their existing style, while there are others that go beyond the mundane and present a truly fascinating and exceptional marriage of contrasting styles. To call this all-glass kitchen designed by Alex Saint of Kitchen Architecture an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution seems apt, even if the answer to the architectural conundrum at hand is a gorgeous glass box. Conjured…

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Old World Charm Finds Modern Expression Inside Apartamento Jardins

Modern industrial living room or Apartamento Jardins in São Paulo

Renovating homes and apartments that are well past their sell-by date not only is an economically smart option that benefits homeowners immensely, but it also helps in the reduction of waste material leading to a more sustainable living. Yet beyond these obvious perks, there lies a whole new benefit for those design aficionados who are constantly on the lookout for something new, innovative and exceptional….

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20 Refreshing Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

Painted accents in a soothing bedroom

When it comes to bedroom design, it’s often tempting to pile on the decor or use the space as a holding cell for extra furniture. Yet today’s inspirational photos reinforce a clean, refreshing look that’s all about choosing your colors strategically, using comfy bedding to make a statement, and adding a few select accents to dial up the style factor. If you caught our recent…

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Organizational Delight: 30 Smart Dining Room Hutches and China Cabinets

Farmhouse style dining space and kitchen with a fabulous hutch in blue [Design: Kutepov Marina]

The dedicated dining room might be fading away ever so slowly in favor of that open plan dining area that easily and effortlessly blends in with the living space and kitchen, but there are some design elements that remain forever young. Even though contemporary designers are busy designing modular shelves that unite the living space, kitchen and dining area into one flowing family zone, the…

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Eco-Conscious Enterprise: Contemporary Zero Net Energy Home in Santa Cruz

Gray contemporary exterior and home office of Santa Cruz house

Building a sustainable family home that takes care of all its energy needs even as it keeps the carbon footprint to a bare minimum is an idea that is catching on quickly. But combining green design with contemporary aesthetics and the specific needs of individual homeowners presents a challenging task for the best of architects and designers. Taking up this exciting task gleefully, Feldman Architecture…

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Wrapped in Black: Budget-Friendly Home Renovation in San Francisco

Steel walkway connects the penthouse level with the steep and hilly rear yard

As we flip through the many modern renovations that we have featured in the last few years, there is one dominant theme that you simply cannot miss. Most of these resourceful and smart makeovers rely on glass and metal rear structures to extend the living area, even as the street façade is left untouched. But the 20th Street Residence in San Francisco takes a completely…

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DIY Cubicle Organization

Cubicle organization is key

More often than not, cubicle life seems anything but elegant. Yet you just might be surprised to discover that as the organization factor goes up, so does the style quotient! That’s why today we’re featuring a slew of DIY cubicle organization ideas, from fun purchases that will make life at work a whole lot easier to simple projects that you can complete in a few…

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An Eye for Detail: 8 Companies Making Well-Designed Trays

De Luxe Candle Tray

When crafting an interior space, it is often the smaller details that are overlooked. Yet such details can represent a fine line between cozy and homey versus cold and uninviting. A warm welcome comes in many forms, and a tray is just one example. As with any good design piece, a tray is an investment in aesthetic, useful and long-lasting design. It is also a delightful companion, for instance…

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Fashionably Fun: 25 Kids’ Bedrooms Showcasing Stylish Chevron Patterns

Bright chevron rug for the transitional kids room

One of the hardest things about embracing the latest trends is the constant worry about them being fleeting fads that will burn a hole in your pocket while leaving you with a home that is at times garish or even boring. But it is safe to say that the chevron pattern is definitely not one of those. Having made a comeback more than 3 years…

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Urban Industrial: Loft Apartment in Jersey City Turns to Vivacious Color

Black and white rug and green velevt armchairs from IKEA in the living room

Finding that pleasing balance between modern urban refinement, a bold splash of color, textural contrast and a strong element of industrial design, this Loft Apartment in Jersey City charms you with its spirited personality. If there is one perfect word to describe this gorgeous home, then ‘cheerful’ would definitely be it, as it literally puts a smile on your face with its use of bright…

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