The Breathtaking Interior Design Of Jennifer Post

A modern sculpture in a living room designed by Jennifer Post

Clear as a crystal. That’s how I like to describe the sleek, crisp interior design of Jennifer Post. Through Jennifer Post Design, she treats each home like a work of art, using her fine arts background and knowledge of architectural principles to create stunning, balanced interiors. Color, texture, brightness and clarity of form are all elements you will find inside a Jennifer Post interior. Not…

10 Spectacular Rooms With Marble Walls

Marble kitchen backsplash contemporary home

Ready for another design-inspired escape?! Today we shine the spotlight on 10 glossy rooms that feature marble walls. Many of these spaces also include marble flooring. “Opulence” is the word today, but there’s also an element of modern style here that needs to be acknowledged. The result: beautifully designed rooms that are both decadent and clean-lined. Not to mention, free of unnecessary clutter. May they…

6 Stylish Houseplants That Are Safe For Cats And Dogs

Pet Safe House Plant Ideas

When my cat adopted me last year, the last thing on my mind was checking to make sure my houseplants were safe for pets. Then I accidentally came across an article on pet-safe greenery and the light bulb came on: time to make sure the plants are up to code! This post is dedicated to all you cat and dog owners out there. Keep in…

The Modern Design of Ferm Living

Autumn Winter Collection Ferm Living

We’ve anxiously been awaiting the Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection of Ferm Living. Folks, it has arrived! What’s new for the upcoming season? A fresh spin on the geometry and clean lines that Ferm Living is known for, plus a new dose of rich color. Today we feature a few of our favorite finds, including furniture, textiles and small decor items that reflect the best in modern design….

Easy DIY Cut Paper Art Adds Abstract Brilliance To Your Home

DIY paper art idea

We’re on a DIY art kick here at Decoist! Have you been enjoying all of the amazing DIY projects we’ve been sharing with you? Kate here, and I for one have been inspired by Thalita’s recent projects, including her Picasso-style portraits and her abstract painting with gold foil endeavor. In that spirit, today I thought I’d share a recent art project I created for my…

Exquisite Milan Apartment Blends Elegant Living Areas With Ample Privacy

Living Room of Posh Milan Apartment

A major challenge that comes along with the use of an open floor plan in the living area is the stylish and functional demarcation of individual spaces. But the fabulous City Life Milan apartment located in the heart of the historic Fiera Milano district uses sophisticated lighting additions and area rugs to clearly delineate between the living area, the family room and the dining area….

Design Studio Profile: Fort Standard

Marble and Wood Lights

Did you catch our last Design Studio Profile? A week ago, we featured the work of Studio Toogood, and today we’re shining the spotlight on Fort Standard, a New York-based contemporary design studio offering a range of services. Among these services are innovative product design and the development of unique spatial environments involving custom fixtures and furnishings. Not to mention, Fort Standard designs and produces…

Fun And Chic DIY Alphabet Magnets Add Color To Your Home

Copper and hot pink spray painted magnets

You know those alphabet magnets you used to see everywhere? You know the ones I’m talking about… they come in primary colors and people like to put them on their fridge doors. Kids love them. And I totally get why! They’re fun to play with, and you can leave messages for people – funny ones, sweet ones, short ones, long ones… You get my point….

10 Relaxing Bedrooms That Bring Resort Style Home

Resort Style Home Bedroom Ideas

It’s Monday again, and we have another round of images that will take you away to a tranquil place, then inspire you to bring the resort style home. In fact, these relaxing bedrooms are filled with amazing design ideas. We invite you to escape. We invite you to unwind. We invite you to take in the view. And if you’re interested, you can take away a collection…

3 Striking Color Combinations For Fall

Fall Color Combinations Gray and Orange

I get so much inspiration from browsing the fall arrivals at my favorite boutiques and retail destinations. Kate here, and when it comes to interior design, a new season is a reason to celebrate a slew of new finds. I’m not trying to close the door on summer in any way, but the fall collections are in, and a new wave of color combinations has…

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