18 Gleaming Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Intricate beach mosaic backsplash

The backsplash is one area of the kitchen that you can really take advantage of to bring some artistic flair to the room. And it doesn’t have to be expensive! Small tiles (or broken pieces of glass or ceramic material in uneven sizes) can be used to create a mosaic work of art that’s as simple or as detailed as you want it to be. If you’re…

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20 Dreamy Beach-Style Decks for a Relaxing Staycation

Lighting steals the show on this awesome deck

The days when people transformed into globetrotters for a couple of weeks each year and traveled far and wide for that amazing holiday are quickly diminishing. The trend of ‘staycations’ is something that is catching on across the planet as more and more people are realizing the benefits of spending those few, precious holidays at home surrounded by friends and family. While traveling to exotic…

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RMJ Residence: Tranquil Outdoor Living Meets a Wall of Greenery

Gorgeous sitting area with trendy decor

A home that blurs the conventional line separating the indoors from the surrounding landscape, the RMJ Residence in Uberlândia, Brazil encourages its homeowners to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Spread across an area of nearly 6,000 square feet, it is the backyard, pool deck and the greenery around the home that define its structure, silhouette and choice of materials used. The street façade…

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20 Modish Minotti Sofas and Seating Systems

Alison Iroko sofa

Italian design industry giant Minotti, a company founded in the 1950s by Alberto Minotti, continues to endure at the forefront of Italy’s gargantuan furniture design scene. Balancing traditional design convention with a modish and modern edge, Minotti has evolved throughout the decades, amassing a prolific design portfolio. Despite the brand’s typically sober comportment (arguably a feature of many Italian design heavyweights), Minotti is an internationally creative powerhouse. Siblings Renato and Roberto Minotti helped…

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35 Bedrooms That Revel in the Beauty of Chalkboard Paint

Empty picture frames and chalkboard paint create a vibrat accent wall in the bedroom

Giving you an opportunity to express yourself, showcase your artistic skills and personalize your bedroom with ease, chalkboard paint is an absolute blessing for those who love dynamic walls! Chalkboard walls are not just for kids alone, and they provide you with a perfect canvas that adds color and pattern to your bedroom without much fuss. While traditionally chalkboard walls have been relegated to the…

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Spectacular Bathroom Design with a View

Bathroom from the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

Pour yourself a cup of tea and get ready to relax, because today’s post is sure to lower your blood pressure! We’ve rounded up 20 modern bathrooms with stunning views, because there’s nothing like unwinding at the beginning or end of the day from the comfort of a tub that overlooks a green meadow, an aqua ocean or a city skyline. If your bathroom doesn’t…

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Colorful Rejuvenation: Refined Renovation Breathes Life into Old Taipei City Home

Modular couch for the living room has a playful vibe

A great perk in embracing the concept of adaptive reuse is the way that you can turn those old family homes into sparkling contemporary residences with little effort and creativity. This not only saves money and time, but preserves all those memories that come attached with the home. Accomplishing precisely this with color and class, Ganna Design turned a 30-year old house in Taipei City,…

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Sizzling Stainless Steel Kitchen Brings Home Professional Panache!

Sleek and stylish modern stainless steel kitchen from Abimis

Stainless steel counters and worktops are fast making a comeback in modern kitchens, but if you want a smashing kitchen that is entirely clad in stainless steel, then few match the sheer style and practicality of this delight from Abimis. A gorgeous kitchen that combines timeless design with contemporary trends, it is all about expressing your culinary genius with a hint of metallic glint! Each…

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15 Attics Turned into Breathtaking Bathrooms

Spacious and bright attic bathroom with soaking tub

An attic certainly isn’t the easiest area of a home to design, particularly due to the strange shape of the roof, lower ceilings, and an overall much more cramped space to work with. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though! In fact, a bathroom might be just what your attic needs (especially if you lack one on any of the main floors of your house). If you’re lucky,…

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New Modern: The Latest in Furnishings and Decor

Cotton sofa from Ferm Living

In today’s post, we celebrate the latest and greatest in new modern design finds! From furnishings with bold simplicity to decor that demands a second look, today’s featured pieces are clean-lined, and many showcase the best in geo minimalism. If fall design fever has put you in a shopping mood, take this opportunity to create a wish list for the new season. Enjoy browsing… Contemporary Furnishings…

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