15 Whimsical Teepee Reading Nooks for Kids

Teepee corner made with colorful map fabric

If you need a bit of help getting your kids off the computer or away from the TV and into reading more books, you should definitely consider joining the teepee trend! It’s just what it sounds like — a small teepee made with sticks and fabric that you can decorate however you like for your kids to play (and read) in. It’s an easy DIY…

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Forest Hill: Dreary Traditional Home Turned into an Airy, Modern Abode

Cheerful dining room in white with Logico pendant and framed posters

Renovation and remodeling projects have a funny way of spilling over from one room to the next, and before you know it you end up revamping the entire house! The homeowners of Forest Hill Residence found themselves in a similar situation, as their originally planned kitchen remodel ended up giving the entire home a bright new lease on life! The kitchen alteration was carried out…

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50 Resourceful and Classy Shabby Chic Living Rooms

Colorful couch in pink and lovely wall art for the shabby chic living space

A counter-culture revolution, an attempt to revive a nostalgic past, an artistic endeavor by some to give a new life to the discarded, and a simple necessity dictated by budget constraints for others – Shabby chic style was born in the 1980s because of all those diverse reasons and more. What started as an alternative to tacky consumerism by those who considered themselves far more…

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Salt and Pepper House: Curated Interior Crafted Around Love for Cooking!

Hints of orange and purple in the living space of the transformed row house

The modern kitchen is well and truly the heart and soul of the house and often ends up being the social zone where family members come together to catch up after a long, hard day. While that is hardly surprising, the owners of Salt and Pepper House by KUBE Architecture in Washington D.C. take it a step further by making their new ‘cook’s kitchen’ the…

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20 Last-Minute Halloween Ideas with Modern Flair

Halloween noir decor from CB2

If you caught our recent post on Unique Halloween Ideas for Design Lovers, you know that we at Decoist are all about creative holiday style! With Halloween quickly approaching, today’s post is dedicated to last-minute ideas that maximize simplicity and style. Highlighting our favorite projects from top design blogs, we hope to inspire you with some beautifully styled photos, easy DIY projects and innovative creativity. Ready…

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15 Tasteful Wallpapers Inspired by Nature

Family Tree wallpaper by ferm LIVING

Nature presents a visual smorgasbord of design, found in its myriad of settings: from forests and fjords to mountains and valleys, across arid rocky plains and vast snowy wilds. Nature’s bounty has galvanized people throughout the annals of time, its wares used in clothing, crafting and building. As well as using the materials gifted by nature to create well-designed objects, designers will often feature images inspired by the natural world on…

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Cozy Apartment Redefines College Campus Living with Nifty Functionality!

Clever use of empty frames creates a classy ambiance in the living space

Apartment-style housing for those on college campuses who wish to (and can afford to) shun the dorm room is an option that is not just popular, but on the rise. It is often a band of friends coming together to rent their own little apartment that ends up eventually as an absolute mess, and you are left fishing for your stuff under a layer of…

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8 Stunning Uses for Old Wine Barrels

Wine barrels used to hold up the dessert table at a wedding

If you’re looking for some new and creative ways to bring an extra touch of rustic charm into your home, you should definitely consider a vintage wine barrel — especially if you’re a fan of repurposing old finds. In fact, you might be surprised to find out just how versatile wine barrels can be! Here’s just a handful of a great ideas to start thinking about….

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Affordable Apartment Makeover Relies on Inspired Custom Solutions

Large-format owl printing on PVC board

An endless budget and an expansive interior are not luxuries that many homeowners are afforded with when it comes to home renovations and makeovers. Most of us tend to work with a pretty tight budget cap and are always on the lookout for that elusive ‘additional room’ that we feel would be the end of all our decorating problems. Chmielna Apartment in the gorgeous city…

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20 Nordic Lights to Ward Off Winter’s Chill

Kaiser Idell 6556-F floor lamp

As autumn begins to take a firm hold in the northern hemisphere, shorter days inevitably lead to longer and darker nights. Less inclined to venture outdoors as evenings draw in, people instead focus upon their home environment and begin readying themselves for winter’s onset. With summer wardrobes packed away, winter woollens are once again unfolded and unfurled. Ensuring the coziness and warmth of one’s abode is…

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