Ultimate Pallet Furniture Collection: 58 Unique Ideas

Pallet shelving & storage ideas

Multifunction Shelf

Perfect for the outdoors to hang your tools or your colorful flowers, this multifunctional shelf can also be a useful accessory setting on a kitchen counter top or as maybe as a desk organizer — where else to put all those magazine, right? It’s $30 on Etsy.

multi functional pallet shelf Ultimate Pallet Furniture Collection: 58 Unique Ideas

multi-functional pallet flowers shelf

Wall hanging shelf

For only $25 and again from Etsy, you’ll be able to get this 36-inch wall hanging shelf. They’re said to work perfectly with almost any room, although I don’t see them blending in with a glossy contemporary interior design.

wall hanging pallet shelf Ultimate Pallet Furniture Collection: 58 Unique Ideas

wall hanging pallet shelves


There’s no such thing as having too many books. Except if you have no space to store them all. So how about a bookshelf that is made from wooden pallets? They look sleek, right?

Shipping pallet turned bookshelf

Storage carts

Kids these days, they have far too many toys. That’s becoming problematic for the average Joe as you need to look for storage cases and stuff like that. But what if you could make your own storage carts from a disassembled pallet? Ana White is going to give you the how-to.

Shipping pallet storage carts

Photo frames holders

Want to have everything in one place, like a photo album? Grab a wooden pallet, disassemble and give a shape like this one. Should look good on your walls. And maybe have your wedding in one place, and your child’s Christening in another part of the room?

Wall shelves pallets for photo frames

Boots holder

Don’t just throw your boots, put them nicely in a boots holder made from recycled pallets?

Wooden pallets furniture idea: boots storage

Sleek shelves in a store

Cut your wooden pallets in half and stack them. Make sure they fit well together and you now have a simple organized way of storing bottles, plates, or what else needs storing. Perfect for an art studio, divine for a restaurant with great good. Right?

Pallet Shelves Storage in a Restaurant

Living room shelves

Living Room pallet shelves

Kitchen shelves

Because you can never have too much storage space in the kitchen, right?

Wooden pallet kitchen shelves

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