Ultimate Pallet Furniture Collection: 58 Unique Ideas

Pallet sofas, benches & chairs

Cozy pallet sofa

Some DIY projects require special materials. Like this cozy sofa made from a pallet. It’s a plastic pallet cut in half, with stainless steel plates and legs (for stability). The cushion is amazing, and the powerful blue is exactly what it needs to stand out. [from recyclart]

plastic pallet reuse blue sofa Ultimate Pallet Furniture Collection: 58 Unique Ideas

Blue pallet sofa design

Recycled country sofa

The word here is awesome. I’m not really fond of the colors, could’ve used brighter, warmer ones, but the design for this sofa is brilliant. And the fact that the pallets follow the mattress’ style, makes it even more appealing.

Country Sofa from Shipping Pallets Ultimate Pallet Furniture Collection: 58 Unique Ideas

Recycled country sofa from shipping pallets

Bright pallet sofa

Colorful pallet sofa

Outdoor pallet couch

Although I think it was designed for outdoors, this couch has what it takes to make it into any interior. I totally adore the pipes on the sides. Certainly adds to its uniqueness. [from shelterness]

Outdoor sofa from shipping pallets

Comfy and Cool DIY Pallet Daybed

Stylish couch?

Although it’s as simple as it can be, there is something about this couch, or you may want to call it a daybed, that gets the eye. [casasugar have them]

Chic wooden pallet couch

Comfortable sofa

Comfortable and cozy is what defines this couch. Makes for the perfect setup to play Wii/Nintendo/Xbox with the guys, enjoying a few cervezas as well.

Low seating pallet sofa

Simplest pallet couch ever

An L-shaped sofa made from pallets? It’s probably the simplest thing we’ve seen — with a striking outcome. This uses 6 pallets and lots of foam (which is not cheap if you were wondering). [from cuartoderecha]

L-shaped Pallet Sofa

Sofa with matching coffee table

If you’re not sure how to decorate your living room or your patio, here’s some inspiration. It’s all about the cushions, because the pallet base is similar with all our ideas in here. [found on calinteriors]

Comfortable L-shape Wooden Pallets Sofa

Colorful teen pallet sofa

You thought that a pallet DIY project to create a sofa is just for you? No dear readers, it’s also for the kids’ room. Here’s an example from meetmeatmikes. We absolutely love the colors. It has a Scandinavian feel, right?

Scandinavian inspired pallet sofa daybed

Surprisingly chic

Chic wooden pallet sofa

Contemporary pallet sofa

How is that you may ask, a contemporary pallet sofa? We’ll tell you. No, better, we’ll show you. [via stylizimo]

Highly contemporary pallet sofa

Sturdy little couch

Sturdy little pallet couch

Cheap sofa

Pallet furniture for the living room

Outdoor stylish little sofa

Looks comfortable (and probably feels comfortable as well) but the most interesting thing about this little outdoor couch is the modern aspect. Shouldn’t be too expensive to built, but keep in mind it needs to be sanded very well so that you don’t have any problems with it. [via homedezine]

Cozy and comfy small pallet couch

£3 handmade pallet couch

Would you imagine that creating such a product could only cost £3. Yes, you’re reading correctly, that’s only 3 British Pounds. How? Rachel is telling us how Aaron did it. Check it out here.

DIY handmade wooden pallet couch

Sofa bed doesn’t reveal pallet base

Now this is a nice mix: recycled shipping pallets accessorized with a bunch of IKEA products, furnishings. You can follow this tutorial at scraphacker and you can have yours as well. We’re completely sold.

DIY pallet sofa bed

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