Ultimate Pallet Furniture Collection: 58 Unique Ideas

Pallet beds & bedrooms

Small room bed

The bad economy hits you and all of a sudden you need to move from a large bedroom to a smaller one (9 x 10). That’s what happened to this inventive fellow, who managed to create an amazing bedroom for himself, on the cheap.

shipping pallet bedroom Ultimate Pallet Furniture Collection: 58 Unique Ideas

Shipping pallet bedroom

wooden pallet bed Ultimate Pallet Furniture Collection: 58 Unique Ideas

Wooden pallet turned bed

Pallet Toddler Bed

Lori Danelle is an inspiring mom. She’s guilty for transforming a few shipping pallets into an adorable toddler bed. There are full DIY instructions on her website in case you need help for your own DIY project. Looks cool!

Toddler rustic bed made from wooden pallets

Colorful Pallet Bed

Unlike tables where you only need a few shipping pallets, for a bet you’ll need more than one. Stack your pallets, give them a few coats of paint and add the cozy cushions (it’s a must) and you have a highly unique, low cost bedroom perfect for both the outdoors and indoors. Inspiring!

Colorful wooden pallet sofa

Used as a simple platform

Simple is the word here. Just grab a few wooden pallets, stick them together (make sure they are well anchored) and voila, you have a bed platform with handy storage space between the slats. Now all you need to do is choose a comfortable mattress and some of these bed linens, maybe.

Jackson Headboard

“Stinking cute”. That’s how Heidi calls this headboard design by Amber from Pineplace. We can’t disagree. Great way of using old pallets into furniture. “She personally designed the vinyl on the headboard. And hand built the bed herself.”

Wooden pallet headboard idea

Jackson headboard pallet recycling

Minimalist …

So you’re trying to stick to your minimalist theme and want a cheap pallet bed? How about this one. It has a strong Scandinavian feel, because of all this white. Quite cool! [from emmas]

Minimalist pallet bed

Pallet bed frame

So it looks like it’s not only bed platforms that you can use a pallet for. With a bit of creativity you can throw it on the walls as a bed headboard.

Wooden pallet bed frame

Pallet turned headboard

Upholstered headboard pallet furniture


Not really into glossy, contemporary furniture and you’d much rather work on a DIY pallet bed. Here’s another example where simplicity and minimalism are very well represented.

Simple pallet bed frame

Crispy Clean

The comfyness of this bedroom is only given by the sheets and linens that you use.

White and cripsy clean pallet furniture

Country charm

Trying to find your spot, for some time alone with yourself reading a book or enjoying some chocolate with a special flavored tea? How about this pallet reading nook? You’ll need some power tools to get this done, but the result is amazing. [found on kojodesigns]

Pallet Furniture: Corner reading nook bed

Homey & Natural

Reused wooden pallets for bedroom design

Country Romantic

Country pallet bedroom looks romantic

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