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Daylight 24×7, Thanks to 29 Skylights

The Daylight House is an unusual piece of architecture built by Japanese studio Takeshi Hosaka Architects.  Twenty-nine skylights installed in this house bring in natural light in the building, sans any windows. The Daylight House is located in Yokohama, Japan. The Daylight House, according to the architects, is a house in which residents live under natural lighting from the sky. The site is only a five-minute walk from the railway station, and is engulfed by an amalgam of detached houses and 10-floor condominiums and office buildings. Nestling in a valley between buildings, the light from up above (the sky) streams down. A couple with two children built their home in this spot.

Daylight House16 Daylight 24x7, Thanks to 29 Skylights

The building houses a single high-ceiling room with a bedroom, kids’ room, and study partitioned off using fittings approximately half the height of the ceiling. Light from 29 skylights (approx. 700mm square) installed in the roof illuminates the room as soft light diffused through the curved acrylic ceiling plates. There is air space between the acrylic surface and the roof, and forced air is used to eject air heated by the sun out of the building during the summer.

Daylight House25 Daylight 24x7, Thanks to 29 Skylights

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  • Morish Kinsley

     commercial skylight use a framing system that allows you to ventilate your shed without losing heat, but allowing fresh air into your space. They are often double glazed filled with inert gas and some have a low-E2 coating to reduce some of the heat gain in the shed when the sun is shining.Some sheds can be dark as many do not contain windows as part of efforts to save precious wall space.