LEGO House modern and comfortable family house with a Noguchi and Mies touch

Conservative and cuddlesome on the outside, the white boarded Chicago house, with a saddle roof of  silver colored wooden shingles holds a surprise.

lego house 1 LEGO House modern and comfortable family house with a Noguchi and Mies touch

lego house 4 LEGO House modern and comfortable family house with a Noguchi and Mies touch

A spacious and light-flooded living room, the sensation of coolness in hot summer afternoons, given by a smooth blond laminated wood floor, the sleekness of geometric black leather couches and elegance of white leather Mies van der Rohe chairs: all comfortable and effective furnishings for a contemporary, unpretentious yet stylish living room. The artistic accent is given by the Isamu Noguchi glass plate coffee table with its sculptural black frame, on a soft plush carpet, by the scintillating atom shaped steel pendant lighting the dining room table.

A focal point is the lofty staircase of warm coloured parallam wood, seemingly suspended on a structure of steel. It leads to the bedroom and the children’s rooms: white for elegant and LEGO for children friendly.
Casual yet graceful, the LEGO House is designed to make you smile, whoever you are.

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