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Wall of Wood: Acoustics Meet Aesthetics at House in Pedralbes

Think of home design and it is form followed by functionality that comes to mind instantly. For some reason, this has become the norm globally. Very rarely do people venture beyond these two parameters and seriously ponder over acoustics. Beyond the fabulous home theater or the spacious home studio, acoustics take a backseat to visual design almost everywhere else. But the House in Pedralbes takes an entirely different approach as its exterior, overall form and unique, curved wooden façade is shaped by a need to keep away urban noise. Designed by BC Estudio Architects, this modern residence in Barcelona sits on a lot that is close to a road with high traffic.

Curved walls of wood offer privacy while keeping out noise

In an attempt to keep out all that noise and pollution even while giving those inside complete privacy, architects came up with a distinct wooden façade that features a curved wall along with a series of other small wall-like sections. Each of these wooden behemoths helps in creating a stylish, serene and secluded urban sanctuary even as an additional green wall adds to the overall ambiance. On the others side of the house one finds an inviting garden that becomes part of the open plan living area with kitchen and dining.

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Dashing wooden walls places to keep out noise
Wooden slats create a smart and bespoke facade that gives the Barcelona home a distinct look
Wooden facade custom designed to keep out street noise and pollution
Multiple level Barcelona home clad in wood and concrete
Entrance and garage of the Barcelona home
Green wall adds to the acoustics of the Barcelona home

It is the basement that holds the utility rooms along with the wine cellar and a separate home gym while the first and second floors contain the living space, bedrooms terraces and study areas. A modern pool and clever walkways complete the landscape with concrete being used along with wood on the inside. [Photography: Julio Cunill]

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Open living area of the Barcelona home connected with the garden outside
Ground level floor plan of House in Pedralbes
First level floor plan of home in Barcelona
Second level plan of House in Pedralbes

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