Hot Trend: 40 Gorgeous Ideas for a Sizzling Home Office with Fireplace

Home office with hidden TV above the fireplace

Gone are the days when home offices were just a desk and a chair hurriedly put together in some corner of the house. Modern technology and seamless connectivity have ensured that many of us are now able to take work home with ease, making working from home super-convenient. Home offices, workspaces and home studios have become an integral part of the blueprint in the case…

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Splashes of Brilliance: Vivacious Home in Skhirat Overlooking the Atlantic

Lovely splash of turquoise in the living room creates a vivacious accent wall

Those who are not familiar with the beautiful nation of Morocco might not have heard about the lovely city of Skhirat before. But less than an hour’s drive away from Casablanca, this peaceful little hub is as much a gateway to pristine, tranquil beaches as its more famous North Atlantic cousin. In fact, those looking for a more relaxing and less cosmopolitan experience could well…

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8 Welcoming Entryway Benches That Maximize Storage Space

Wade bench with drawers in weathered pine finish

What’s the first thing you see when you walk through the door of your home? Whether you have a cramped entryway that’s barely there or a large foyer with lots of room, one design feature that almost always helps the space feel more homey and welcoming is a great looking bench or seating area. You can find benches in all sorts of colors, textures, and styles, but it’s…

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Curated Hipster Modernity: Small Attic Apartment in Sofia Leaves You Amazed!

Dark cube at the heart of the living room contains elevator shaft and bathroom

Filled with a delightful array of contrasting finishes, custom details and decor that bridges the vintage with the modern, Loft 9b in Sofia, Bulgaria could arguably be dubbed the world’s best small attic apartment! And the fact that this lovely home was found as just another mundane loft by architect Dimitar Karanikolov and interior designer Veneta Nikolova just a couple of years ago makes the…

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Plant Stand Style with a Modern Twist

Metal plant stand from West Elm

Plant mania! Plants never really “went away,” but they’re certainly experiencing a revival as one of today’s most popular decorative accents. Needless to say, a slew of plant stands have stolen the design spotlight in recent years. After all, the only thing better than a stunning houseplant is a stylish display method. Below we’ve rounded up our favorites, from store-bought treasures to DIY plant stands that…

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Inspiring Furniture Restoration Projects: From Blah to Rad

Bright and beautiful patterned sofa

There’s something so completely satisfying in finding a banged up, unloved piece of furniture and making it usable (or even better than when it was new). And there’s nothing easier than painting or reupholstering to refresh a dresser, mirror, couch or set of chairs. If you’re not motivated to grab a paintbrush (or spray can!) and attack one of these projects after you take a…

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20 Modern and Contemporary Everyday Coffee Tables

Hoog Table in black stained oak

The coffee table, typically small and low, is a side table, a table encircled by chairs or a table placed in front of a sofa. It is generally a must-have for the home, finding favor in living spaces across the land. Of course the term “coffee table” is somewhat erroneous, as such tables fulfill a myriad of functions, including: displaying large tomes and magazines, presenting drinks and canapés, acting as a repository for…

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Garay Residence: Magnificent Portal Leads to Dreamy Views of Golden Gate Bridge

Natural stone along with sunlight give the interior a warm, inviting glow

The mesmerizing view of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance is one that all of us would love to wake up to each morning. Much like the glittering New York City skyline, it is an iconic image that has been intertwined with the quintessential ‘American Dream’. It is no wonder then that the stunning Garay Residence nestled on a private…

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Dining Room Decor Ideas That Make a Statement

Reclaimed wood dining table from West Elm

Are you in the middle of a dining room makeover? So am I! Today’s post is dedicated to dining room decor that gets noticed. It’s not about how much money or time you spend on your dining room design project. It’s about creative thinking and choosing pieces that make a statement. Here are some simple ideas, plus a slew of pictures to inspire you in your…

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8 Eco-Friendly Lighting Options That Will Make You See the Light

Urban Chandy Reclaimed Light Fixture

Being eco-conscious about lighting used to mean having to choose between pretty incandescent light bulbs and unflattering curlicue CFLs. Luckily, that’s all in the past. With super energy-efficient LED lights becoming more and more mainstream, you can have your cake and eat it too (just don’t eat your light bulb). Read on for eight of our favorite green lighting options, from futuristic strip lights that…

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