Classy Cottage in Quebec Brings Modern Aesthetics to Traditional Design

Ingenious prefab cabin with a rustic and aesthetic exterior

A relaxing lakeside retreat in the woods that lets you escape the mundane city life and its constant rush is an absolute dream indeed. Located in Ladysmith, Quebec, Canada, the Cross-Laminated-Timber Cottage was designed by Kariouk Associates to replace an old, dreary cottage that already occupied the lot. The idea was to design a new structure that reminded the family of the previous cottage while…

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10 Stylish Open Closet Ideas for an Organized, Trendy Bedroom

Sleek and open closet design keeps things organized

Organizing the closet in the bedroom is arguably one of the toughest tasks for many of us as we grapple with both space and its proper usage. Part of it is because of our inability to eliminate clutter and hang on to things that are absolutely necessary. But it’s also because our bedrooms lack an organized closet that is custom-crafted to meet our specific needs….

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Colorful Modern Easter Ideas for a Festive Celebration

Painted egg centerpiece from Green Wedding Shoes

We’re in the single-digit countdown to Easter, folks! Are you hosting a gathering for friends and family? Or maybe you’re planning a quiet day at home, but you want to make sure it’s filled with festivity and style. Today we’ve rounded up the best modern Easter ideas from our favorite blogs, and each one represents a unique take on this beloved holiday. Ready for a…

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25 Elegant and Exquisite Gray Dining Room Ideas

Highlight wall art or a sculptural masterpiece with a gray backdrop

The charm of gray is something that simply refuses to go away, and the world of interior design has fully tapped into the potential of this hot neutral in the last few years. Gray is the ‘go to’ color for designers and homeowners across the globe these days, and it has definitely replaced the white and beige trend of the 90s and early 2000s. What…

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8 Super-Restful Bedrooms: Style to Help You Sleep

Floating Maui Bed

Sleep experts agree: Your bedroom environment has a significant impact on how well you sleep. Step one to a good night’s rest is turning off the screens (that’s phones, laptops, TVs, or any glowing device)—multiple studies have shown that the bright light from screens negatively impacts the ability to fall asleep. Keeping your bedroom as dark as possible (so pull those shades down if there’s…

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Caulk Your Tub in a Few Easy Steps

White tub in a serene bathroom

Spring is officially here, and it’s natural to be inspired to clean at this rejuvenating time of the year! Spring cleaning can vary from organizational activities such as cleaning out closets to more in-depth cleaning challenges, such as scrubbing down the powder room. On that note, today’s post is dedicated to achieving a truly clean bathroom, which is difficult to do when mildew permanently resides in the…

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Sustainable Home Renovation Surprises with a Deliberate Inside-Out Design

Structure of the house blurs the line between the interior and outdoors

Have you ever felt that the magic of your new home or renovated apartment wore off all too quickly and you were left searching for ways to recapture that excitement? The creative folks at Andrew Maynard Architects came up with an innovative new way to keep things fresh and unique, as they turned an old, boring structure in Seddon, Australia into a truly one-of-a-kind modern home….

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Trendy TV Units for the Stylish, Space-Conscious Modern Home

Fabulous TV unit in solid wood with cabinet space

The advent of the wall-mounted flat screen TV and a change in living room decorating trends has meant that the traditional TV unit is quickly becoming a rarity in most modern homes. While some owners are completely doing away with the television in the living area, others simply hook it onto the wall in the bedroom or the family space. But if you still feel…

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Spring Yardwork Tips for a Fresh Start

Signs of spring in a small backyard

Today I spent some time “yardening.” When I use a special name for my yardwork, it doesn’t seem so tedious. After all, yardwork makes the garden look all the more beautiful, doesn’t it?! Spring is a great time to make a fresh start in your outdoor space. In fact, the very act of pulling weeds, removing dead leaves and trimming plants can be very therapeutic,…

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23 Gorgeous Bathrooms That Enchant with Purple Panache!

Feminine bathroom idea with a splash of purple [Design: Lisa Scheff Designs]

Few colors grab attention, make a visual statement and bring along with them the aura of luxury and exclusivity like purple. No matter which shade of the color you love, purple has a majestic presence that is simply undeniable. Part of it might be because of the rarity of the color in the ages gone by. Another reason could be the fact that it is…

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