Ilse Crawford’s Wholly Affirmative Approach to Design

A family home away from home buried deep in the Swiss Alps

Ilse Crawford is a much touted and buoyant British designer whose astute design insight, confidence, warmth and charm afford her work a level of focus that is human, expressive, harmonious and accessible. Crawford’s design journey began at an early age. In an interview with the South China Morning Post, she reflects: “I would walk around with my mum adding character touches to the rooms. I’ve always been conscious of how buildings change behaviour. Some spaces…

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The Benefits of Aluminum Baseboards

Modern interior with aluminum baseboards

Are you intrigued by the allure of metal trim in a modern interior? If you assumed aluminum baseboards were exclusively for commercial spaces, think again! There’s something refreshing and contemporary about metal baseboards. Not only are they growing in popularity because of their sleek style, their functionality has true practical benefits! Read on to discover a few reasons aluminum trim deserves a second look… [EMAC…

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Butterfly Beach Villa: 50s Ranch-Style Home Goes Midcentury Modern with Flair

Gorgeous landscape adds to the beuaty of the revamped 50s home

A beautiful conversion and renovation project, the Butterfly Beach Villa in Santa Barbara was transformed from a 1950s ranch-style bungalow into a gorgeous modern home with a distinct midcentury vibe. The makeover was completed by the ingenious folks at Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects along with the help of Ian Cronshaw of Allen and Associates, and it combines the timeless elegance of the classical structure with…

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25 Ingenious Living Rooms That Showcase the Beauty of Sliding Barn Doors

Reading nook and cozy window seat hidden behind the barn door

They say that fashion is cyclic in nature and trends tend to repeat themselves once every 20-30 years. The same often seems true in the case of home design as interior décor, accessories and hues that were shunned in the early 90s for a more ‘modern’ look are now making a comeback. One of the most popular trends in recent times has been the desire…

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16 Minimal Courtyards with Just a Hint of Nature

Living room that looks out into bright courtyard

A courtyard always serves as an impressive way of dividing up the rooms of a house or separating one building from another. The architecture is perfect for bringing a little piece of the outdoors inside. While it’s easy to assume you’d need a lot of greenery in a courtyard to make it really feel like a natural setting, you might be surprised to see how achievable it is with…

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Design Trend: Geo Objects

Balance Studies by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

If you’re a fan of modern design, you may have noticed a growing trend that has found its way from design houses to mainstream retailers: geo objects. Sometimes functional, sometimes purely decorative, these items are often true works of art. In fact, many design houses and online shops offer a range of “objects” for sale, from vases to sculptural forms. Today we highlight ten of…

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Kooyong House: Revitalized Modern Interior Meets Relaxing Family Retreat

Family area in the rear with pool and an expansive deck

Bringing together the past and the present in a wonderful alchemy of styles and eras seems to be the favored path in the case of most home renovations in recent times. The idea of adaptive reuse of an existing structure instead of completely dismantling it and starting afresh has caught on both because of its economic and aesthetic sense. Located in the suburb of Kooyong,…

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The Captivating Danish Home of Carl Hansen & Søn’s CEO

Entrance to the home of Knud Erik Hansen

The clean white stucco facade and red-tiled saddle roof of this impressive house affords the structure with an enchanting fairytale-like expression. Enjoying an idyllic countryside setting, the house appears wondrous, charming and welcoming. It can be found on Funen island (Denmark’s third largest island) and is the property of Knud Erik Hansen, the third-generation owner and CEO of Carl Hansen & Søn. Known as Hellerup Manor House, this large L-shaped heritage-listed dwelling has been…

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Elegant High-End Shower Curtains

Patterned shower curtain from Jonathan Adler

Many of today’s most elegant, sleek bathrooms feature showers with glass doors. But if your shower requires a curtain, there are plenty of chic options that will give your powder room a luxury look. Today we’ve rounded up a collection of high-end shower curtains that will elevate your interior to spa status! We’ve also included links to purchasing information if you’re in a shopping mood….

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8 Easy and Chic Ways to Dress Up Your Pumpkins for Halloween

Miniature pumpkin with mossy bed under a cloche

You can’t have a proper Halloween without pumpkins. Whether you plan to pick them yourself from a field, carve them into spooky looking Jack-O-Lanters, or use them to bake pies and other seasonal goodies, you have to admit that no other fruit or vegetable says “it’s that time of year again” like a pumpkin does for fall and Halloween. And despite the traditional norms of carving up…

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