Dramatic Miami Residence Offers Luxury Draped in Coastal Beauty

Second floor of the house cantilevered above the 25m lap pool

While many parts of both the US and the world are grappling with the effects of cold weather and snow, Miami is one of those beautiful exceptions where the beach parties can go on all night long, even during Christmas! Nestled in the beautiful Biscayne Bay, this lovely residence designed by Max Strang Architecture would be a perfect place to host one of these hip…

Creative Last-Minute Christmas Decorating Ideas

Washi tape fireplace

Perhaps you decorated for the holidays the day after Thanksgiving! Or maybe you decided not to decorate, and as Christmas approaches, you’re wishing you had. Either way, as December 25th gets closer, many of us have a sudden urge to deck out our spaces even more than we’d planned. But with last-minute Christmas shopping and other duties taking up our time, it can be hard…

23 Gorgeous Christmas Staircase Decorating Ideas

Innovative staircase garland with colors of fall

Over the past few days we have showcased various ideas that celebrate the joy of Christmas in often neglected spaces such as the kitchen and the dining room. Today we take a look at another area of the house that might not be on top of your ‘places to decorate’ list this Christmas, but can make a huge visual impact when properly decked out. While…

Remodeled Seattle Home Creates a Cheerful Indoor-Outdoor Interplay

Interior with white sheer curtains and decor in gray

Creating a private, personal haven that allows you to rest, rejuvenate and spend time with friends and family right at home is a trend that is quickly catching on. Designed to meet the specific needs of a family of five that had just moved to Seattle from Mexico, this gorgeous residence in Medina, Washington is all about extending the living area outdoors and giving the…

Vacationing in the Swiss Alps: The Exclusive Chalet Bear

Exposed wooden beams and a rustic cabin look inside the bedroom

If you are looking to relax and unwind this Holiday Season or celebrate the New Year surrounded by the majestic splendor and snow-filled brilliance of the Swiss Alps, the exquisite Chalet Bear is the place to be. Dubbed one of the best getaways in all of Europe by travel enthusiasts and skiing experts, the luxurious chalet is nestled in the picturesque ski resort of Klosters,…

Kalon Studios’ Eco-Friendly Designs for the Modern Nursery

Caravan Crib from Kalon

When design lovers set out to prepare a modern nursery for their little one, keeping the space both stylish and eco-friendly can be a challenge. That’s why design studios such as Kalon are applauded for offering the best of both worlds: green living and modern style. In fact, Kalon Studios is committed to finding sustainable solutions for manufacturing, and they blend form, function and eco-friendly…

Sweeping Mountain & Lake Views: Modern Chalet Architecture in Canada

Brilliant lighting takes over the chalet after sunset

With the holidays knocking on the door, many of us are already frantically planning for that lovely vacation that will leave us with memories to last a lifetime. From stunning chalets in the French Alps to once-in-a-lifetime trips to tropical havens like Bali, the choices are simply endless. But what if you have your own chalet that overlooks beautiful mountains, lush green forests and a…

12 Red and Green Dining Rooms for the Holidays and Beyond

Turn to holiday decorations to add red and green to the dining room

It’s that time of the year again when we are busy with shopping, decorating and preparing for family dinners and fun-filled parties. Yesterday we took a look at how we can take the festive joy beyond the front porch and living room and into the modern kitchen. Today we showcase 12 gorgeous dining rooms in red and green that promise to offer the perfect backdrop…

Versatile Bedroom Storage Units That Double as Stylish Nightstands

Bedside storage units and nigtstand idea

Decorating the bedroom is much more than picking a soothing color scheme and a fabulous bed that steals the show. Bedside tables play an equally important role in shaping the overall appeal of the room while giving you ergonomic storage options. While some might love to improvise with a clever and unique DIY nightstand, others might prefer less work and more sophistication! It is for…

Design a Dazzling Christmas Table

Modern rustic Christmas table

Christmas is a little over a week away, and now is the time to design your holiday table! While I hosted Thanksgiving this year, I usually enjoy Christmas dinner at my folks’ house. But that doesn’t mean I don’t plan a special holiday table design for a seasonal dinner at home with my hubby! Not only do I love researching the latest in Christmas table…

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