20 Fabulous Summer Sale Items

Mirrored chevron side table

Don’t you just love the rules of retail? The summer is barely half over in the official sense, yet seasonal clearance items are filling the shelves (and sites) of our favorite retailers. Time to be a savvy shopper! Today we highlight 20 of our favorite summer sale items. Stockpile them as gifts. Buy them for yourself. From furniture and textiles to serving items and decorative…

Feng Shui For The Living Room Lends Balance And Beauty To Your Home

Living Room Feng Shui Tips

Japanese-inspired interiors, Zen-style homes and amazing garden retreats that borrow generously from Asian motifs; contemporary design is quickly discovering the many advantages of looking towards the East. We’ve previously discussed the way modern life is becoming a touch too hectic and monotonous for most of us, and how every new trend in interior design seems to be an effort to escape this never-ending cycle. From…

House Of Infinite: Astounding Beach Retreat Where Myths Meet Minimalism!

House of Infinite in Spain

The small town of Tarifa is often popular among travel enthusiasts as the southernmost point of the European mainland. Ancient Roman ruins still stand tall in this scenic part of Cadiz and often are as much a source of historic facts as many unsubstantiated myths and legends. Inspired by the almost ‘magical’ aura of this amazing coast, architect Alberto Campo Baeza conjured up and brought…

Scenic River Views And Indoor-Outdoor Interplay Shape Classy Aussie Home

Lovely backyard of the Bicton House

Located just 10 km away from the central business district of Perth, Bicton is a posh suburb that is quickly becoming home to some of the best private residences Down Under. Built on a 557sqm narrow block by Residential Attitudes, this lovely house makes maximum use of the available space while giving its homeowners the best possible views of the beautiful Swan River nearby. An…

A Helpful Guide To Washing Pillows

Indoor outdoor throw pillows

If you read my posts on a regular basis, you know how much I love escaping into the world of beautiful interiors, fabulous party concepts and stunning views. But today’s post is all about reality! Kate here, and below you will find a step-by-step guide to washing pillows, from throw pillows to bed pillows. In fact, you can only ignore a dirty pillow for so…

Trendy Bathroom Additions That Bring Home The Luxury Spa!

Spa like bath at home

Contemporary bathrooms are quickly transforming into amazing and opulent retreats that allow you to rest and rejuvenate right at home. Gone are the days of the dull, dreary bathroom and a long-awaited trip to the nearest spa to replenish after a hard week or two. Homeowners are quickly embracing the hot new trend of the spa-like bath, and with innovative designers doing their part, it…

Tiny Holiday Cabin In Normandy Charms With Its Disarming Rustic Goodness!

La Cabane in Normandy, France

Inspiration comes in a multitude of sizes, shapes and styles, and you do not always need millions of dollars to find that tranquil, inspiring refuge. While we already looked at one such soothing home today, this simple and charming cabin in the woods explores an entirely different direction. Located in a serene little niche on the historic coast of Normandy, France, the cabin is all…

Japanese-Inspired Perth Residence Offers Serenity Draped In Posh Elegance

Azumi Home in perth, Japanese Style

One of the many iconic trends created by Midcentury masters like Isamu Noguchi is the seamless blend of the east and the west when it comes to interior design. While the 70s and the 80s were filled with playful and exuberant colors, the incessant rush of modern life has seen many homeowners turn towards the oriental for soothing calm. The stunning Azumi Residence crafted by Webb &…

FLOR Carpet Tiles Bring Modular Flooring Home

Green FLOR carpet design squares

I recently made my first in-person visit to FLOR, and I was beyond impressed. Kate here, and I wanted to share some info about FLOR Carpet Design Squares in today’s post. The image below is the perfect introduction to these versatile modular carpet tiles, because it illustrates many of their perks! You can mix and match them. They’re durable. They’re easy to clean and easy…

Iconic Italian Kitchen Reinvented With Sleek Simplicity And Rational Design

Idea Kitchen from Snaidero

The design of modern kitchens is indeed constantly evolving, and each year sees the unveiling of several brand new, sensational kitchen models that try to keep up with the ever-expanding demands of the urban consumer. The first model of the Idea kitchen was developed by Snaidero way back in 1972, and award-winning architect Michele Sbrogiò gave it a sensational new twist in the 80s. While…

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