Dynamic Indoor-Outdoor Interplay Defines This Stunning Dutch Villa

Tranquil reflection pond and brilliant lighting at the villa

The modern trend of letting the contours of a plot define and shape the overall silhouette of a residence and its floor plan is resulting in the creation of some amazing homes indeed. Located in Uterecht, Netherlands, the Dune Villa is nestled on a plot that has a height difference of six meters from one end to the other. Instead of excavating the plot to…

25 Living Rooms that Unleash the Refreshing Charm of Green

Rich emerald green steals the show here! [Photography: Larry Hanna]

When it comes to picking out a color for the living room, we often tend to opt for the neutrals. Most modern homes simply use a backdrop in white, gray, beige or even light cream and then add different layers of decor and accessories to usher in brighter hues. But for those looking to go down a different path, green offers that perfect blend between…

10 Small Entryway Designs With Larger-than-Life Appeal

Berry Black Wallpaper from Ferm Living

Dealing with a small entryway? Me too. It would be amazing to open the front door and be greeted by an expansive foyer, complete with a dramatic pendant light and a round marble table for depositing keys and mail, but that’s not everyone’s reality. Today’s post is a great reminder that you can design a fabulous entryway, regardless of the square footage near your door….

Smart Renovation in Tel Aviv Combines Two Apartments into One

Cheerful and elegant open plan living area

Finding the perfect home of your dreams in the heart of a busy city like Tel Aviv, where every inch of space matters, can be a tough task indeed. It took architect Maoz Price well over 5 years to find the perfect apartment that met the specific needs of his family! Combining two old apartments that are located on a building that was built in…

Radiant Romanian Villa Offers Expansive Lake & Forest Views

Modern Villa Snagov in Romania

The constant, unending rush of busy urban life in concrete jungles is driving many of us into the lap of nature for a more relaxed and organic lifestyle. Located in the idyllic commune of Snagov, Romania, this fabulous residence is wrapped in a cloak of green and opens up toward the beautiful lake outside. Dubbed Villa Snagov, the lovely lakefront house was designed by DOOI…

21 Gorgeous Gray Nursery Ideas

Beautiful nursery in gray and turquoise with woodsy charm! [From: Babble]

When you think of decorating a new room, going in for a renovation or trying to give your home a quick, seasonal makeover, one of the first things that comes to mind is ‘color’. The color of the room is often what defines the ambiance of the space and accentuates the theme and style of your choice. When it comes to modern nursery design, the…

Enhance Your Interior with the Tillandsia Air Plant

Globular tabletop terrarium

Familiar with Tillandsia? If you know what an air plant is, then you sure are! Tillandsia is the genus under which the many species of air plants fall (“air plant” is Tillandsia’s common name). Why incorporate Tillandsia into your home? For one thing, Tillandsia are low-maintenance. These epiphytes require no soil, as they absorb water and nutrients through their leaves.  We at Decoist love Tillandsia…

10 Fabulous Bathrooms with Industrial Style

Black and white claw-foot bathtub steals the show [From: Chris A. Dorsey Photography]

When we talk of the most popular interior design trends currently doing the rounds, it is inevitable that industrial style makes its way into the conversation. What started out in factories as a way of design that was defined by efficiency, frugality and necessity several decades ago has now turned into a hip way of giving your home an entirely new look. It is the…

Sophisticated Contemporary Kitchens with Cutting-Edge Design

Exquisite modern kitchen design from Arrital

Shaping the kitchen of your dreams can indeed be a challenging task at times, simply because of the overwhelming number of available options. Yet despite the changing trends and latest innovations, it is safe to say that the timeless charm of Italian design is still simply unmatched. Giving this unique style a global appeal and contemporary finesse is Arrital, who leave you amazed with their stunning…

Design Trend: Rich Tones Take Center Stage!

Blue micro-velvet sofa from CB2

I love design–all types of design! One of my favorite ways to celebrate my enthusiasm for interior design is to follow product photography and art direction trends, and to see how these changes are influencing the realm of interiors. Today is dedicated to one such design trend: rich tones. Below we see two images from Design Love Fest. In the first image, vivid yellow accents…

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