Bright and Cheerful Private Residence In Singapore With Nature-Inspired Design

Stylish Contemporary Singapore Home

When architects and designers take their cues from nature, the resultant house is often both unique and inviting in its ambiance. Combining natural goodness with contemporary brilliance in a stunning fashion is the 65BTP-House in Singapore by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd, which exudes an airy and brilliant appeal. The stylish private residence was built around an extensive garden where a giant pre-war rain tree remains untouched…

Vacation Home By The Lake Or When Dreams Come True

Modern living room space with fireplace

Sometimes I dare to dream, or maybe it’s my way of motivating myself. But I really hope that one day I will be able to retreat to a summer house somewhere in the woods. Give me a lake, and it’s the perfect picture. A case in point: the Gambier Island House by Mcfarlane Biggar Architects + Designers, near Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. The house is a stunning example of modern architecture…

10 Rooms With Elegant Indoor Plants

San Francisco living room with towering trees

Ready for another escape? I don’t know about you, but when Monday rolls around, I find that I have the energy I need to start the work week if I’m surrounded by images that inspire me. That’s the spirit behind my “10 Rooms” series here on Decoist. Each week, I’ll share a collection of interiors that transport you to another place (and hopefully inspire you…

DIY: Turn Old Book Pages Into Artwork

Book-Page Art Using A Sharpie

Meaningful artwork is important, especially when you end up looking at it all of the time in places like your own home. I recently discovered that my office walls were looking a little bland and needed some life, and I thought artwork using books within the artwork would make them that much more appropriate, since I happen to have endless shelves filled with books! I…

The Modern Design of Arro Home

Trendy Decor Finds from Arro Home

Are you having a colorful day? Well it’s about to get more vibrant! Today we shine the spotlight on the modern design of Arro Home, an online shop offering a range of unique home decor items, from bedding and rugs to ceramics and kitchen textiles. The radiant, whimsical designs feature geometric patterns, interesting color combinations, playful prints and a heavy dose of creativity. Plus, the product…

Functional Sydney Residence Fuses Privacy With Ample Natural Ventilation

Exterior of the modern Sydney Residence

Building a house in the suburbs of a busy city like Sydney comes with a variety of challenges, and the task becomes even trickier when one has to work with limited space. The fascinating Plywood House II by Andrew Burges Architects is nestled on a thin, long plot that is flanked by several other houses and a busy street. Privacy was a key issue in…

Sunny Retreat With Sensational Views: Ibiza Villa!

Lavish Private Villa Ibiza Sea Views

When we talk about scenic holidays that bring together sun, sand and surf, our minds often wander to the amazing tropical islands of South East Asia. But the Balearic Islands of Spain offer equally enchanting getaways that bring together the charm of the Mediterranean lifestyle and unending opulence. And topping the wish list of most tourists who visit the region is the island Ibiza that…

Sophisticated And Trendy Bedrooms With A Charming Feminine Vibe

Feminine bedroom decor ideas

The bedroom is one area of the house where you can truly express your design style and decorating taste without any inhibitions. It is a personal sanctuary where your favorite shades, patterns and styles come together to create a serene yet stylish hub. The idea of creating a feminine bedroom has less to do with its occupants and is more about the color scheme, decor…

End-of-Summer Garden Design Tips

End of Summer Gardening tips

Enjoying these last weeks of summer? Me too! One thing I’m not enjoying: watching portions of my yard begin to die due to the extreme heat and lack of rain. The heat also makes it difficult to work out in the yard at this time of year, and sometimes I find it hard to motivate myself to maintain my outdoor space. Other than watering, of…

Enthralling Private Residence In Phuket Combines Serenity With Scenic Sea Views

Pool and deck space of the Serenity House

The province of Phuket in Thailand is renowned across the globe for some stunning tropical retreats that transport you into a completely different dimension. Bringing together sun, sand and contemporary luxury, the region is home to some of the best luxury hotels and spas on the planet. Located in a secluded little pocket of Phuket and away from the tourist rush is the stunning Serenity…

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