Decorating with a South Pacific Island Influence

Other than the mid 20th century Broadway musical and film, what comes to mind when you hear the words “South Pacific?” For most, these two words invoke a deep longing for a several week holiday in paradise. Indeed, the South Pacific is home to some of the most picturesque and popular vacation spots in the world, including Hawaii, Tahiti and Fiji. These islands boast cloudless skies, power-like sand and crystal clear waters full of tropical fish. In fact, the South Pacific brings in tourists from around the globe all year long.

Luxury Villas Resorts in Uluwatu Bali Decorating with a South Pacific Island Influence
Luxury Villas Resorts in Uluwatu, Bali

luxury living room with a south pacfic influence Decorating with a South Pacific Island Influence
Luxury living room with a South Pacific theme

Of course, unless you’ve hit the jackpot or are embarking on a dream retirement, most of us don’t have the opportunity to spend our lives in such a beautiful tropical locale. The next best thing to actually being in the South Pacific, however, is decorating your home in a South Pacific theme. Here are some tips for accomplishing this feat:

Polynesian islanders spent several centuries in almost total isolation with little to no connection with surrounding mainland countries. Because of this, much of the interior and exterior décor of the South Pacific is composed of all natural materials, such as sandalwood, rosewood or mahogany – lumber which comes from trees native to these islands. Furniture or décor made with these exotic woods, or woods finished in colors similar to these woods, will help create a tropical feel.

South Pacific inspiration – bedroom design

South Pacific inspired bedroom design

Islands throughout the South Pacific are also home to some of the most colorful tropical plants known to man, such as the friendly Hibiscus, multicolored Frangipani and unique, red orange Heliconia. Choose floral prints using these particular flowers, or utilize the colors as accents when creating your tropical haven.

Small tiki figures or patterns are iconic of the South Pacific and will undoubtedly add a special touch to your home design, as will furniture or floor mats made of rattan. Add a few potted palms and a strong beverage served in a hollow coconut and you may begin to feel on a permanent vacation.

South Pacific design inspiration – stylish villa with pool

South Pacific luxury villa with tennis court

Traditional South Pacific villa with fancy pool

Villa with wooden deck and jacuzzi

White bedroom design with a South Pacific influence

South Pacific beach house with stylish pool

Amazing outdoor patio with ocean views

Luxurious villa with pool – South Pacific style

Large white bedroom with beach views balcony

Fancy South Pacific villa

Beach villa with South Pacific influences

Fiji villa with stylish view and ocean views


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