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Amazing lounge chair that “blooms”

A beautifully created lounge chair from Patricia Urquiola would be the perfect seating arrangement for any home: “the design blossoms from a “cellular” genesis of petals sewn in triangular shapes, creating ample patterns“. Made from felt, wood and leather, the blossoms on the chair are supported by a stainless steel frame that does not draw attention from the incredible flowers that form the support of the chaise lounge. This versatile design can uplift your spirit in two ways: the petals can be facing upwards for a expressive and feminine look or they can be facing downwards for a more serious and elegant feel. The chair comes in two versions: black and white or a natural tone matched with a kaleidoscopic patchwork.

antibodi lounge chair 1 Amazing lounge chair that blooms

antibodi lounge chair 3 Amazing lounge chair that blooms

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