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Fantastic lounge chair by PP Mobler

Both retro and contemporary, the award-winning lounge chair designed by PP Mobler is an instant eye-catcher in any space.

mobler 1 Fantastic lounge chair by PP Mobler

At first, i almost disliked the piece, but then i understood it. It is eclectic up to the point of decadence. The chair design acknowledges the early modernism of Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier, albeit re-interpreting the modesty of less is more and function-determines shape, in Scandinavian.  It combines the rough, industrial edge of a steel frame with the barbarian opulence of long haired sheepskin with plaited flag upholstering and the pure contemporary pillow into the most luxurious and arrogant relaxation experience.

mobler 3 Fantastic lounge chair by PP Mobler

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